Yuba Cargo Bike FAQ

Yuba Cargo Bike FAQ

What makes Yuba’s bikes special?

Yuba bicycles and add-ons are designed for everyday trips by ordinary people. We make bikes that help people live healthy and full lives without needing a car for their transportation. Picking up kids from school, dropping off 50 pounds of apples for a friend, giving a date a lift; this is what our bikes live for! All of our bikes feature integrated racks and side-loaders giving them unusually high hauling capacity and unsurpassed stability under load. This means that even with two kids and this week’s groceries they ride like, well….a bike! We spend a lot of time thinking about cargo. Our selection of Add-Ons are specifically designed to help you configure the bike to your specific lifestyle. For children, our accessories are designed to grow as the child grows. From the Yepp Maxi, to our Hold On Bars, Soft Spots and beyond; our Add-Ons will accommodate the needs of your growing family. Kids are more than just cargo on a bike; they’re a loveable load that wriggles and interacts with the world. Yuba bikes are built to be stable and feel safe when carrying kids. With our integrated racks and one piece frames, our bikes do not flex when kids are riding shotgun. The stiffness of the frame translates into an extremely stable ride, even when your ‘cargo’ starts singing “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” at the top of their lungs! The Mundo’s “wings” or Sideloaders and the Boda Boda’s Lovehandles are sturdy loading platforms to carry objects best supported from below. With the wings as a horizontal platform and the frame as a vertical support, very large objects can be securely strapped to your Yuba’s frame. In our opinion, this design is superior to front platforms or buckets because the Sideloaders can carry any sized object that can be strapped to them. Pick it up, secure it, and away you go!

Is a Mundo difficult to ride?

Test riders are often surprised to find that the Mundo is really easy to control. The shape of the Yuba Mundo is similar to a regular bike frame and so you can ride it just like a normal bike. Unlike a cargo trike or a Long John, you can just ride it straight away without having to get used to it.

What version is my Yuba Mundo?

Over the years the Yuba Mundo has gone through many changes, the most noticeable of these happening to the rear rack. Here are the different Yuba Mundos and the major changes to their frames:

V1: Our initial offering was manufactured in Germany and has a bolt-on rear rack, the most notable feature of which is the “W” shape of the rear rack stays. Also, the top and down tubes on the front triangle have a circular cross-section rather than oval.

V2: This version was also manufactured in Germany and had a bolt-on rear rack. You’ll notice that the rear rack has been redesigned and the front pair of the stays have been replaced by a single vertical unit. This bike’s top and down tubes are ovalized, and a kickstand plate was added.

V3: For this version, we moved production to China and made several changes to the frame. The rack stays are in the same configuration as the V2, but the rear rack is now welded to the frame. We included for the first time the many braze-on mounting points on the rack and sideloaders along with disc-brake tabs and a 21-speed drivetrain.

V4: Our most current frame, the V4 has shed unnecessary weight while maintaining strength and integrity . The rear rack has been redesigned with only 3 rack stays per side and has 22 braze-on mounting points throughout the deck, rack stays and sideloaders. Disc-brake tabs have been retained as well as the ovalized top and down tubes. It is also our most completely outfitted bike to date featuring fenders, a dual-leg center stand and a bamboo rear deck in addition to the 21-speed drivetrain.

LUX (or V5): The frame and the bicycle fork are made out of light but stable Cr-Mo 4130. That makes the bicycle 3 kg lighter. The stiffness was raised for a tighter driving experience. The head tube is strengthened. The LUX will be delivered with front and rear light, hydraulic disc brakes and a modified rear deck where the Yepp Child Seat can be attached easily.

I’m really short/tall. Will your bikes fit me?

We design the Yuba brand of bicycles to fit as many people as possible. Mundo: Generally speaking, the Yuba Mundo fits riders from 153 cm to 200 cm. Any shorter, and you need to ride in the Yepp Maxi! There are some stem extenders on the market that our taller customers have recommended. Please contact us for details if you are taller than recommended. Boda Boda: To accommodate a wider range of riders, the Boda Boda comes in two sizes: a step-thru medium size fits riders 150 cm to 177 cm and a step-over large size fits riders 167 cm to 202 cm.

What are the differences between the SO & the ST versions?

The main differences between the Step Through and Step-Over frames are a few key measurements, allowing a wider range of people to fit the bicycle. The Step-Thru has a shorter reach from the saddle to the handlebars, a shorter steer tube and a much lower top tube which creates the step-through portion of the frame. The Step-Over has a diamond frame.

Where can I find the Serial Number on my Mundo?

Your Mundo’s serial number is located on the kickstand plate, just behind the seatpost and is visible from above.

Where can I find the Serial Number on my Boda Boda?

The serial number of your Boda Boda (or elBoda Boda) can be found under your bike stamped into the bottom bracket shell between the pedals.

Will these bikes REALLY improve my love life?

All we can say is, you can offer people a lift. That gives you a chance to spend some time with them, build a little trust that you’re not a psycho, perhaps even tell them a few jokes. We conservatively estimate the increased hotness from riding a Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser to be in the 18-22% range and a Mundo in the 17-23% range, which is more of a margin than many recent presidents have been elected by. So, the answer is…a qualified yes. Provided you’re not a psycho.

Do I have to wear a helmet riding an electric Yuba?

In Germany there is no requirement for cyclists to wear a helmet and the electric Yuba cargo bikes are in the same category as a bicycle, so you do not have to wear a helmet while riding. Nevertheless it is advisable in any case. In a foreign country different guidelines might apply, please inform yourself in advance.

Where can I take a Yuba for a test drive?

Of course, you can take all Yuba models for a test drive in our Heidelberg store. If you live too far away, just check out our dealer locator section. There, you’ll find dealers near you and a list of the models they offer for a test ride.


Yuba Cargo Bike for Carrying Kids FAQ

Yuba for Carrying Kids

Why are your bikes ideal for children?

Kids are more than just mere passengers. They are loveable co-drivers that interact with the world. Yuba cargo bikes are extremely sturdy, so that you can feel safe when riding your bike with your kids. The integrated rear rack and the solid frame prevent the bike from wobbling, even if your kids are moving around to take in the view. Most bikes don’t offer a lot of place for a child seat. Because we know that kids always want to carry their toys and things they hold dear we made the seat extra big. The Add-Ons grow with your children: from the Yepp Maxi, to our Hold On Bars, Soft Spots and beyond; our Add-Ons will accommodate the needs of your growing family. The foot rests and bread basket offer additional storage space for all your bags and suitcases.

I have a couple kids, which bike is better for me?

The best way to figure out which bike is best for you, is to go to your local Yuba Dealer, and try out the bikes. As a general rule, if you’re hauling 1 kid and a small amount of stuff (2 backpacks and 2 bags of groceries) all the time, the Boda Boda should be perfect. That being said, you can fit two kids on the Boda Boda if you want. If you have 2-4 children, the Mundo is probably the better option. The rear rack can comfortably sit up to four children, and with that amount of weight, you’re going to be glad to have the 21 gear drive train. As a dedicated “school bus” for a larger family, options such as the Towing Tray, and the ultra-large Go-Getter bags make it easy to get all the kids, their lunches, science projects, backpacks and musical instruments to and from school.

How do you carry kids on a Yuba Mundo? When are they old enough?

Kids almost any age can ride on the Yuba Mundo. As soon as your baby can sit on its own without falling over (from about 12 months), you can carry it in the Yepp Child Seat. Depending on their development, weight and size, kids from the age of 4 can sit on the rear rack without a seat but with special rails to hold on to: the Monkey Bars. And the best thing is, you can even combine the child seat and Monkey Bars, which makes it possible for you to safely haul a smaller and a bigger child or even up to three children at the same time. Within the Monkey Bars, all kids sit closely together so they won’t get bored during the ride. For safety and comfort, you can add the Pegs as feet support and the Soft Spots for extra padding. As soon as your kids are big enough to put their feet on the Side Boards (when they’re about 5-6 years old), it’s time to replace the Monkey Bars with the Ring or the Hold On Bars. Now, it’s only a matter of time until your little ones want to ride on your Yuba with their friends.


Yuba Cargo Bike FAQ

Yuba Cargo Bike

How much can I really carry on your bikes?

Our bikes are built with integrated frames and racks, making their carrying capacity virtually limitless. The Mundo’s Sideloaders and the Boda’s Lovehandles make it possible to carry ungainly things, from wooden pallets to kayaks and stand up paddle boards; from kids to unholy quantities of fruit! Boda Boda: The Boda Boda is rated for 100 kilos of cargo – plus rider. This roughly equates into one adult passenger or two kids or 20 watermelons or five crates of beer - or whatever you want within reason! Its eight speed drivetrain with MegaRange makes it pretty easy to get up, down and around with your all your gear. Mundo: The Mundo can carry 200 kilos, plus the rider. That is approximately two adults or three kids or 1333 bananas or ten crates of beer or your whole food purchase for the next weeks - or whatever your legs can pedal. If you are planning to use the bike to transport bags of rice or concrete, it is probable that you will give out before your Mundo does. The rigidity of the frame makes it a great bike for heavier cyclists as well, because they do not have to concern themselves with frame flex, or stress-fracturing the frame. The Mundo’s 21 speed drive train with a front Granny gear and a rear MegaRange make it easy to get your stuff where you’re going (even way up that hill)!

I want to install a stage / a mobile kitchen / delivery pods on my cargo bike. Can you help me with that?

For custom-made designs, it is usually better to work with someone who has done something similar before. Why don’t you give us a call? We might know someone who has worked on a similar project before and pass on the contact details.

Can I use your bikes to get my board / kayak / SUP to the waves?

One of our favorite ways to use the Boda Boda or the Mundo here at Yuba is to carry a SUP (stand-up paddleboard). We have carried wave boards (8.5″ long) and race boards (14″ long). We have also hauled whitewater kayaks, and even sea kayaks! It is easy and simple to use the Boda Boda and the Mundo to transport long loads. Both bikes feature side loading platform. The board or craft is positioned lengthwise on the bike. In general it is best to position the board on the right side of the bicycle. A couple of pieces of high-density foam positioned along side the rack create the necessary clearance for the biker’s feet. With some crafts such as a whitewater kayaks it doesn’t even require to use a block of foam.

Do you have any resources for carrying bulky or unusual items on your bikes?

Most of your stuff you can easily attach on your Yuba with the Yuba Utility Straps or you can just put everything in the big Go Getter Bags which have an 80 liter capacity.


Yuba Tech FAQ

Yuba Tech

Why do your cargo bikes have wings?

The Mundo and Boda Boda “wings” of Sideloaders are cargo areas on which you can transport boxes, an air conditioning system or your music speakers. The wings act as a horizontal platform and the frame acts as vertical support so large objects can be safely attached to your Yuba with tension straps. We believe that this design is more suitable for transporting cargo than cargo bikes that have a box in the front because: anything you can secure with tension straps, you can transport on your Yuba.

Can I take off the Sideloaders?

The Sideloaders are fixed to your Yuba with a few bolts and can easily be taken off, but why should you? We only made them as wide as necessary so they don’t get in the way when pedalling. Attached to the Mundo, they easily fit through doorways and can be used for lifting up your bike.

What’s the biggest tire I can install on my Mundo?

It’s possible to install a 2.5″wide tire with the stock drive train and fenders. Tires up to 3.5″ wide will require a custom drive train providing more clearance for the chain line; there will not be sufficient clearance for full fenders with a tire this wide.

How much assembly is necessary?

Condition at delivery: partly assembled or fully assembled

We offer our Yuba Cargo Bikes in two versions: partly assembled or fully assembled. With a partly assembled Yuba, you need to mount the wheels and the handlebar. The benefit of a partly assembled bike is its smaller packing size which enables free shipping in Europe. You will get an assembly instruction, but we recommend you let it be done by a mechanic. When you order a fully assembled cargo bike, we send you the completely built up Yuba on a pallet.

What child seat is compatible with the Spicy Curry?

The Spicy Curry Bamboo Deck is compatible with the Yepp Child Seat. In just a few seconds, you can mount the seat on your Curry. So, you don’t need an adapter.

Can the Carry-Ons also be used as foot rests?

The Carry-On can be mounted on the rear rack and used as a cargo area. But you can also attach them to the frame. However, we recommend using the Side Boards, as those are very sturdy and provide more support for your feet.

How much does the Spicy Curry weigh?

The Spicy Curry only weighs 25 kg including battery and kickstand.