Yuba Cargo Bike FAQ

Yuba Cargo Bike FAQ

What makes Yuba’s bikes special?

Yuba cargo bikes are absolutely suitable for everyday use. We want to make your everyday life easier, friendlier and less depending on a car. That's why we make cargo bikes that support a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle while all but eliminating the need for a car as a means of transportation. Whether you want to pick up your kids from school, bring 25 kg of apples to a friend or take your date with you: no problem on a Yuba! All our Long Tails are equipped with extended and reinforced luggage racks and sideloaders, which give them an unusually high load capacity and unmatched stability under heavy loads. This means that you can still ride them like a normal bike with two children and the weekly shop! During development, we thought a lot about how best to transport your load.

Yuba cargo bikes adapt to you and your life situation - and that of your children. Our accessories for child transport are developed in such a way that they grow with the child. From the Yepp Maxi Easyfit child seat to our Hold on Bars to our Soft Spot seat cushions, our add-ons are tailored to the needs of your growing family. Children are more than just "cargo" on your transport bike - they are beloved passengers who move about and are curious about the world. Yuba cargo bikes are solidly built and give you security when your children ride with you. The stability of the frame ensures an extra consistent ride, even when your "cargo" starts singing out loud! The sideloaders are stable loading platforms for transporting objects that need to be supported from below. With this horizontal surface and the vertical support of the frame, you can also attach particularly large objects to your Yuba. We find this design to be more efficient than, for example, cargo platforms in front of the handlebars, as the sideloaders can carry items of any size. Just buckle up and off you go!

Which Yuba suits me best?

That mainly depends on where you drive the Yuba and what or who you want to transport. The easiest way to answer this question is with a test drive, either with us in Heidelberg or with another Yuba dealer. Important: bring all the children with you! If that is not possible, here is a short version:

Yuba Kombi - Little Fun Giant
Great all-rounder for the city and the plains if you have a child or two. The dimensions hardly differ from a normal e-bike, but it has much more loading capacity.

Compact, small and extremely flexible thanks to the foldable luggage rack: If you are out and about in the city, have one or two children and space problems are not uncommon for you, the FastRack is worth a look.
Yuba Spicy Curry - Mountain Cargo Bike
Drives well in town and on the flat, but has a more powerful engine and therefore handles slopes better than the station wagon and also has more possibilities to use the luggage rack to transport cargo. Two children fit here too. For off-road fans there is the Spicy Curry All Terrain.

Yuba Mundo - the Minivan
The Long Tail with the most space and the best option if you have more than two children but don't want to resort to a front loader. Three children or two adults fit on the luggage rack.
Yuba Supercargo - the Frontloader
If you have more than two children and often a lot of luggage, the Supercargo is the best choice: up to four children fit in it and a corresponding amount of load. But it is also considerably longer than a normal bicycle.

Is it hard to ride a Yuba Long Tail?

Definitely not! Except for the extended luggage rack, the Yuba Long Tails are very similar to a conventional bicycle or e-bike and therefore they hardly feel any different than a normal bicycle. In contrast to cargo trikes, you simply set off with an unloaded Long Tail, there is no time to get used to it and the first test drive is immediately convincing. The somewhat unusual-looking frame shape of the Spicy Curry with the small rear wheel doesn't require a lot of getting used to either - on the contrary: the low center of gravity means you're much safer and more stable on the road.

I am very small / tall. Can I still ride your transport bikes?

With the Yuba cargo bikes we want to reach as many people as possible. In principle, you can ride the Mundo with a height between 153 cm and 200 cm. For taller people, extensions for the handlebar stem are available from specialist retailers.

Where is the serial number of my Yuba bike located?

Electric Mundo: The serial number is located on the underside of the frame, behind the engine.
Mundo: The Mundo serial number is located on the top of the bike stand mounting base just behind the seat post.
Spicy Curry: The Spicy Curry serial number is located on the front of the motor housing.
Electric Kombi: The Electric Kombi serial number is located on the face of the stand.
Kombi: The serial number is stamped on the underside of the bottom bracket shell, between the pedals.
Supercargo: The Supercargo serial number is stamped on the back of the front headset.
Boda Boda: The serial number of your Boda Boda is engraved on the underside of the bottom bracket shell between the pedals.

Do I have to wear a helmet to ride an electric Yuba cargo bike?

Since there is no bicycle helmet requirement for cyclists in Germany and the electric Yuba cargo bike falls into the same category as a bicycle, you do not have to wear a helmet to ride it. Nevertheless, it is advisable in any case - for all passengers!

Where can I test ride the Yubas cargo bikes?

You can of course test drive all models in our shop in Heidelberg. If you live too far away, take a look at our retailer locator. There you will find dealers in your area and the test bikes available there will be displayed.


Yuba Cargo Bike for Carrying Kids FAQ

Yuba for Carrying Kids

Why are your bikes ideal for children?

Children are more than just passengers. They are beloved passengers who interact with the world while driving. The Yuba cargo bikes are particularly stable, so you can feel safe when you ride with children. Thanks to the integrated luggage rack and the solid frame, the bike does not wobble, even when your passengers behind you are gazing at the surroundings. Most bicycles offer little space for a child seat. Since we know that children always want to have toys and things they love with them, we have made the seat extra large. The accessories grow with the children: from the Yepp child seat to the hold-on bars to the soft spot - our cargo bikes adapt to the needs of your growing family. With the footrests and the bread basket, you also have additional storage space for all bags, baskets and suitcases.

From what age can my children ride on a Yuba?

As soon as your baby can sit independently and stably (from around 12 months), you can take it with you in the Yepp child seat. Depending on their development, weight and size, children from the age of about 4 years can ride without a seat, but with a special railing, the monkey bars. It's great that you can combine the child seat and the monkey bars. This allows you to safely take a small and a larger child or even up to three children with you. Within the monkey bars, all the children sit close together, which means that there is no chance of boredom. The footrests (leg-up / foot pegs) and the seat cushions (soft spots) also contribute to safety and comfort. As soon as your children are big enough to put their feet on the footrests (bamboo boards) (this will be the case with about 5-6 years), it is time to replace the monkey bars with the retaining ring (ring) or an additional handlebar ( Hold On). Now it's only a matter of time before your big little ones want to drive their friends around the block in the Yuba themselves.


Yuba Cargo Bike FAQ

Yuba Cargo Bike

How much can I really carry on your bikes?

Kombi, Spicy Curry, Supercargo and Fastrack each have a load limit of around 200 kg (including the driver). This is topped by the Mundo, which can even carry 250 kg: you can use it to transport two adults or three children or 1333 bananas or ten crates of beer or your shopping for the next few weeks. One thing is clear: loading is one thing, moving the bike forward is another. So if you want to transport so much on a regular basis, you should either be very sporty or buy a motorized model.

Can I use your bikes to get my board / kayak / SUP to the waves?

Of course! One of our favorite uses for the Mundo is to carry a SUP (stand up paddle board). We have also used it to transport waveboards, skis and snowboards. Since the Surf Rack has been available as an Addon, it's even easier. Even all kinds of kayaks were already attached to our Yubas. This works best with the Mundo, which is long enough and high enough, but you can also try attaching smaller kayaks to the Spicy Curry or Kombi. The sideloaders are a great help for you, on which you can put the kayak down. Basically, the best position for the board is on the right driver's side. To ensure that there is enough legroom for pedalling, foam can be wrapped around the rear triangle. Some items, such as the whitewater kayak, can do without foam padding.

I want to install a stage / a mobile kitchen / delivery pods on my cargo bike. Can you help me with that?

For custom-made designs, it is usually better to work with someone who has done something similar before. Why don’t you give us a call? We might know someone who has worked on a similar project before and pass on the contact details.

Do you have any resources for carrying bulky or unusual items on your bikes?

Most of your stuff you can easily attach on your Yuba with the Yuba Utility Straps or you can just put everything in the big Go Getter Bags which have an 80 liter capacity. For surfboards we have the Surf Rack on offer, for skis there are Ski Racks.


Yuba Tech FAQ

Yuba Tech

Why do your cargo bikes have wings?

These "wings" on the rear wheel are called "bamboo boards" and are sideloaders that serve as a loading area on which you can transport boxes, an air conditioner or your music boxes. With the wings as a horizontal platform and the frame as a vertical support, large and long items can be securely attached to the Yuba with ratchet straps.

Can I take off the Sideloaders?

The Sideloaders are fixed to your Yuba with a few bolts and can easily be taken off, but why should you? We only made them as wide as necessary so they don’t get in the way when pedalling. Attached to the Mundo, they easily fit through doorways and can be used for lifting up your bike.

What’s the biggest tire I can install on my Mundo?

It’s possible to install a 2.5″wide tire with the stock drive train and fenders. Tires up to 3.5″ wide will require a custom drive train providing more clearance for the chain line; there will not be sufficient clearance for full fenders with a tire this wide.

How much assembly is necessary?

We offer our Yuba Cargo Bikes in two versions: partly assembled or fully assembled. With a partly assembled Yuba, you need to mount the wheels and the handlebar. The benefit of a partly assembled bike is its smaller packing size which enables free shipping in Europe. You will get an assembly instruction, but we recommend you let it be done by a mechanic. When you order a fully assembled cargo bike, we send you the completely built up Yuba on a pallet.

Can the Carry-Ons also be used as foot rests?

The Carry-On can be mounted on the rear rack and used as a cargo area. But you can also attach them to the frame. However, we recommend using the Side Boards, as those are very sturdy and provide more support for your feet.

Which version of Yuba Mundo do I own?

Over the years, the Yuba Mundo has undergone many changes. The most noticeable change is probably the luggage rack. Here are the currently popular Yuba Mundos and the main differences between their frames. If you have an older Mundo, contact us with any questions.

Yuba Mundo V1

Yuba Mundo V2

Yuba Mundo V3

Yuba Mundo V4

LUX (V5):
The frame and fork are made of light but strong CrMo 4130. This saved an additional 3kg in weight and increased stiffness for a firmer ride. The head tube has been strengthened. The LUX comes with front and rear lights, hydraulic disc brakes and a modified luggage rack with integrated Yepp child seat mounts. Fixing points are welded to the frame for Pitlock or Pinhead locks.

LUX (V6):
The 6th generation of the Mundo Lux is further upgraded with the Shimano 3x9 gear system. The frame and fork of this model are made of powder-coated chromoly steel. This makes the Long Tail more stable than ever and the frame stays protected from wear and tear for longer. Last but not least, the Mundo is equipped with thru axles so that you can steer more precisely and have more safety when driving.