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About us: Electric Bike Solutions GmbH

We are a team of over 50 bike enthusiasts. Our mission: to provide you with cargo bikes, preferably electrified ones.
Why? Well, because we believe in a city with fewer cars and more bicycles. They don’t make any noise, don’t smell, are good for the environment and save money. Most importantly, riding your bike is just a fun activity. Our goal is to help and support you so that you’re happy with your bike every day. Which is why we focus on good customer service just as much as on the quality of our cargo bikes and on customer support after your purchase.

We are the general distributor for all products by Yuba Bicycles in the EU and Switzerland. So, any requests to Yuba USA will generally be redirected to us. All our products are available as seen in our online shop. We can also organise special orders if necessary. If you would like to order in larger amounts, you might have to do so in advance.
Just give us a call, we’d love to help you out!


Yuba Bicycles - The Beginning

The Yuba Story - how it all started

Hi, I’m Ben, the founder of Yuba. I grew up on two wheels in Strasbourg, France. Here’s a photo of me and my cousin Benoit riding our first cargo bike.

Since that first ride, I’ve been in love with bikes and what they can do. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of adventures. I traveled in East Africa where I saw merchants transporting their goods on two wheels. I spent time in Latin America where dirt roads and broken trucks made bikes the best way to get around. Sometimes what I saw while traveling upset me: waste, environmental damage, or social inequality. For a lot of small businesses or for families living in remote areas, I saw that bikes could enable people and make their lives better.

Test run: everyday family life

Eventually I grew up(ish) and translated my passion for bikes and observations of the world into Yuba Bicycles, named after the California river where I love to kayak and connect with the natural world. My wife Emily and I started a family, and we couldn’t wait to pack the diaper bag and toddler along on our adventures. My family and I love to ride bikes. We also love to make bikes, and for us they are tools AND toys. If I try to put my sleepy, cranky toddler son in a car seat after a long day, the poor little guy howls. But when I put him on the back of a Yuba, he grins every time. We love being outdoors, living a healthy lifestyle, and waving at the neighbors as we pass. The best part of being the founder of Yuba is the moment when I see a family ride a new bike home from the bike shop, on their way to new adventures. When moms tell me they feel safe picking their child up from school and stopping on the way home for groceries, smiling the whole way…that’s when I know I’ve done my job well. Because I know as well as anyone that even us parents love to have fun, be outside, and share new experiences and adventures. I say, let’s bring the kids along!

See you on the road!