Yuba Ueber Uns

Who we are

This online shop is operated by Electric Bike Solutions GmbH. This is not the website of the manufacturer Yuba Bikes. You can find the official manufacturer website here.

Where we come from

We firmly believe that the electric mobility of the future has two wheels - or sometimes three. Yuba cargo bikes are certainly an integral part of this. Our first cargo bike was a Yuba Mundo, which we have been using to do our shopping since 2012 and amaze people. The enthusiasm for the brand gradually developed into a close business relationship with the Yuba Bikes team, which was still headquartered in California at the time. From 2014 onwards, as Electric Bike Solutions GmbH, we were able to sell Yuba cargo bikes as a general distributor in Europe, both to dealers and customers. Consequently, we used the URL “yubaeurope.com”.

Yuba's headquarters have moved to France in 2018 and since then our role has been limited to general distribution in German-speaking countries. Since March 2023, we have also handed over general distribution in German-speaking countries to Yuba Bikes. Since then, yubaeurope.com has been a pure consumer online shop. Pricing, inventory, manufacturer warranty and promotions of yubaeurope.com and Yuba Bikes are completely independent of each other.

The next and very final step of the separation will be the assignment of the URL “yubaeurope.com” be, which understandably regularly causes confusion. This is expected to take place in spring 2024.

What else we do

If you would like to have your existing Yuba retrofitted electrically, then take a look at our shop ebike-solutions.com Stop by and find out everything you need to know about retrofitting. If you have specific questions, our colleagues will be happy to advise you by phone or email.

Electric retrofit cargo bike

As Germany's largest online retailer for cargo bikes, we offer you e-cargo bikes on e-lastenrad .de offers a variety of different transport bikes. In our shop you will not only find further information about transporting children with a cargo bike, but also three-wheeled family bikes.

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