Cargo Bikes for Kids

Welcome to an introduction to hauling your most precious cargo, the kids. Every one of our bikes are designed to grow with your family. From one to twenty-one you can haul your most important cargo with confidence and comfort. We’re provided an overview of the best ways to haul one, two or three kiddos with all the groceries, backpacks and soccer balls you can carry.

Cargo Bike for one Child

Cargo Bike Carrying one child

In a seat or on the rack, hauling one kid is a snap. Kiddos from age one to six years old or up to 48lbs. will be safest strapped in a child seat. We love the Yepp Maxi child seat like whoa and we can’t recommend it enough! Depending on which Yuba cargo bike you choose you best go with the Nexxt Maxi or the Maxi Easyfit model. Or two of them. Let your little rider customize their seat by choosing their own handle, foot rests and a place for their teddy bear.

Riding with all Siblings

Cargo Bike Carrying two children

Change the seating chart anytime you need. Kiddos ready to ditch the “baby seat” for the big kid seat will be tickled to meet the Monkey Bars and Soft Spot, the perfect combo for our big kids who still get distracted or like to nap on bike rides. The Monkey Bars are adjustable to your family’s individual needs; keep em’ snug or give em’ some room to squirm around by making the bars wider or tighter. Before you ask: don’t worry, those Monkey Bars fit perfectly around the Yepp child seat they’ve passed on to their little brother or sister. We've also included foot rests and handles for your oldest kids.

Big Family Cargo Bike

Cargo Bike Carrying three children

When we say our bikes will grow with your family, we mean it. Our cargo bikes are designed to be the pick up truck, the delivery van or the mini bus. Be the favorite rotation in the schoolpool, rounding up kiddos, lunch boxes and science projects and delivering them to the front steps still looking fresh. Make the rear rack one big seat with a couple of Soft Spots and the Ring handle at the end and you can carry your kids until they finish school if you like. Got more questions about how to haul your kiddos? Just shoot us an email at Our experts have all the tricks and tips to help your family rock the cargo bike lifestyle!


Accessories for Hauling your Kids