Yuba Cargo Bike Deliveries

Yuba Cargo Bike Deliveries

Your delivery van reimagined! Pedal powered delivery is all the rage these days and a Yuba cargo bike can carry your load while saving you on those resources we all can’t get enough of: time, money and energy. Bicycle delivery ensures healthy, happy employees, customers and community. Our cargo bikes are rough and tough; they are up to the task. Go ahead and put em’ to work!

Yuba for companies

Yuba Cargo Bike Delivery Service

FoodKick is bringing the goods; delivering farm fresh food, local booze and household and pantry needs to New Yorkers with the power of their pedals. It's the perfect service for everyone with a busy and hectic lifestyle. Brooklyn and Long Island City never ate so good. FoodKick have customized their Yuba Mundo cargo bike fleet with sweet purple insulated bins to carry not only salads and sandwiches but also warm meals and groceries galore to their hungry customers. The box is big enough so that all meals can be delivered in one go and everyone receives fresh and hot food within a short amount of time.

Yuba Cargo Bike for Catering

Cargo Bike Advertising

Portland Pedal Power is connecting small business to the community, reimagining the business of delivery, catering and advertising, and encouraging sustainable business practices with the power of pedals. PPP has a sleek fleet of delivery vehicles; unique and most importantly super spacious delivery pods nestled over the study Yuba Mundo rear rack and sideloaders. Their exterior also acts as advertising space. You cannot get any more efficient than that! These vessels traverse the city daily, acting as a roving billboard for local businesses and serving up local healthy fare to hungry locals.

Max Delivery Service

Yuba Cargo Bike for Couriers

A grocery store on two wheels, this New York City based delivery company is freewheeling the food delivery business. Their motto is simply “Fresh Food Delivered Within Minutes.” Max Delivery is so fast they count down in minutes instead of hours, bringing you a week’s worth of groceries in under an hour. What makes them so fast? Why, their Yuba Mundo cargo bike fleet, of course.

And those who want to get to their destination even faster can simply upgrade to a Yuba electric cargo bike.Then, even particularly heavy cargo, strong and windy weather or the hill at the end of the road won't be a problem anymore.

Yuba Cargo Bike

Bare Necessities

Several days per week, Aurelio Jose Barrera rises at 5 a.m. to load up his cargo bike with food that he delivers to homeless people in East LA. Pedaling the streets at dawn while much of the city sleeps, he drops off donated fruit, vegetables, nuts, granola bars, water and other food that require no cooking to needy men, women and children. He collects food from friends, neighbors and local businesses, and gathers fresh fruit from trees that would otherwise go uneaten. Last winter he collected blankets to provide homeless people with warmth from the cold. We are very happy that the Yuba Mundo helps him with his work for the community.


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