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Space. Power. Performance The Supercargo is probably the most longtail-like long john you can...

Space. Power. Performance

The Supercargo is probably the most longtail-like long john you can buy: It rides fast, sporty, agile, is a lot of fun and brings the full Yuba California style into your everyday life. You will appreciate the sensitive steering and the powerful engine more with every step on the pedals. Because this powerhouse carries four children - or whatever else you ask of it - through town and hill without batting an eyelid.

Also full fully nimble

The feeling when you can still take the long, tight curve with verve, or the fun of zigzagging around the small puddles (and deliberately catching the biggest one): these are the small joys of any cyclist. The Electric Supercargo is so manoeuvrable that you don't have to do without it. This is due to the double cable steering, which reacts quickly and precisely even to small steering manoeuvres. It is also always steady on track because it has a very low center of gravity due to the small tires. The mountain bike-style seat and handlebars ensure a sporty posture and thus a really nimble riding experience.

Bamboo Californian style

The heart of the Yuba Electric Supercargo is the bamboo box: made of three-layer bamboo, it is not only stable and protects the load effectively. It's also just really stylish and reminiscent of sunny California, home of all Yubas and surfers. There is nothing else like this on any other cargo bike. And if you don't feel like beach style, the Open Loader is your choice: made of light aluminium, it weighs less. In terms of space, there is no difference. With an additional front seat, you can get three children up to primary school age in both – and still have enough room left to stow all the stuff that needs to be taken with you.

Carries what you want

When it comes to transport, the Yuba Electric Supercargo is really flexible. Most things fit into the open loader or the bamboo box: children, groceries, barbecue equipment or your one-man tent. But if there's something really bulky to transport - boards, half a piece of furniture or your year's harvest of oranges - you can also remove the boxes and attach your stuff directly to the loading area. That certainly makes sense for people who have to transport a lot for work.

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Technical Details
Battery: PowerPack 500 Wh
Electric Drive: Bosch Cargo Line 250 W 36 V + Bosch PowerPack battery 500Wh
Passengers: up to 4
Child Seat: One Yepp Child Seat
Max Load Capacity: 200 kg
Weight: 40 kg
Colour Frame: Orange, Black
Dimensions: 260 x 76 x 112 cm
Wheelbase: 2060 mm
Shifting System: Shimano 10-Speed
Brakes: Magura hydraulic disc brake
Frame: 6061 Aluminium
Lighting: AXA LED Lighting
Suitable for the body size: 1,49 m - 1,98 m
Tyres: 20''
Tyre Width: 2,4"
Mudguards: Yes
Rims: DB-32 MTB Double Wall
Wheel Skirts: not required
incl. Yepp Adapter: Recording for the Yepp Easyfit
Sattelstütze: 30,9mm
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