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Mundo EP8 Family Because the Mundo deals were already extremely well received without a motor,...

Mundo EP8 Family

Because the Mundo deals were already extremely well received without a motor, things are now moving on with a motor: Just in time for the start of school, Yuba's ultimate family all-rounder, the Mundo EP8 Family, is also available as an all-inclusive package: So start with a powerful EP8 motor to the new school year! With the Mundo EP8 you can not only drive your children (up to three!) to school in the morning without breaking a sweat. Your way to work is just as leisurely as the weekly shop on the way back. The highlight: The Mundo EP8 Family includes all the add-ons you need for everyday family life - that's not only practical, but also cheap!

Two-wheeled Minivan

Children need stuff – especially on the go. It's no wonder that many parents think they have to buy a minivan right away. Lucky that Yuba has developed a sustainable and pleasant two-wheeler alternative to the four-wheeled air pollution monster: the Electric Mundo. With enough space for up to three children, gigantic saddlebags and a powerful engine, you can get to your destination without any traffic jams or stress. And your kids can enjoy the journey there and marvel at nature in a completely different way than behind the glass panes of a stuffy minivan.

21 centimeters - make the difference

For a long tail, the Electric Mundo is relatively long - but in these 21 centimeters more luggage rack there are an incredible number of possibilities: With your little one and two friends to the lake? Works! Picking up two children from kindergarten with the weekly shopping on the luggage carrier? Works! Mom, dad, kid on a bike? No problem! You don't need a space-eating four-wheel family carriage for this, just the Electric Mundo. This is not only practical and sustainable: your children experience the world in the fresh air in a completely different way than on the back seat of a car.

The cargo bike that grows with your family

Everything is always too small for children – pants, shirts, shoes, scooters and yes, even bicycles. Luckily that can't happen with the Electric Mundo. Once your little one fits into the Yepp child seat, there will always be space on the Mundo: First in the child seat, later on the soft spots, in the end until adulthood - there is enough room for everyone's legs. And later? Isn't it the coolest thing to do as a teenager to drive your friends - and your first girlfriend - through the neighborhood with your e-cargo bike? What used to be the Vespa is now the Yuba - and even more so tomorrow.

Sweat-free to your destination

The Electric Mundo can carry up to 250 kilograms - that sounds heavy and it is. So that you don't break a sweat while riding, the Electric Mundo is equipped with a Shimano E8000 motor, which is otherwise mainly used in e-mountain bikes. With 70 Nm, it gives you the thrust you need to move quickly on the flat, even when heavily laden. And if you have to master an incline, the boost mode comes into play with a pedaling power boost of 300 percent!


  • Double kickstand
  • E-bike LED lights
  • Fenders
  • Wheelskirts
  • Deflopilator

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Technical Details
Battery: Shimano 504 Wh Battery
Electric Drive: Shimano STePS EP8
Passengers: Up to 3
Child Seat: Up to 2 Yepp Child Seats
Max Load Capacity: 250 kg (including rider)
Weight: 30,8 kg
Colour Frame: Sand, Gold
Dimensions: 212 x 69 x 112 cm
Wheelbase: 1410 mm
Shifting System: Shimano 10-Speed
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
Frame: CrMo 4130 stable and lightweight
Lighting: LED lighting
Suitable for the body size: 1.50 to 2 m
Tyres: 26''
Tyre Width: 2.15"
Mudguards: Yes
Rims: Doppelkammer Aluminiumfelge
Wheel Skirts: Yes
incl. Yepp Adapter: Recording for the Yepp Easyfit
Sattelstütze: 30,9mm
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