Electric Supermarché Bosch

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Attention Germany! We deliver every Cargo Bike within Germany free of charge.


Yuba Cargo Bike partly assembled

With a partly assembled Yuba, you need to mount the wheels and the handlebar.

Attention Europe! The benefit of a partly assembled bike is its smaller packing size which enables free shipping in Europe.


Yuba Cargo Bike assembled

When you order a fully assembled cargo bike, we send you the completely built up Yuba on a pallet. Before delivery, the forwarding agency will call you to make an appointment. Please note: the pallet will be delivered to the curb and not taken back by the forwarding agency.

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As an electric cargo bike, the Supermarché is equipped with a Bosch Performance CX motor. This...

As an electric cargo bike, the Supermarché is equipped with a Bosch Performance CX motor. This allows you a pleasantly easy ride even if you take purchases, luggage or children on the bike. The Bosch drive is also suitable for inclines. So you always arrive relaxed even with a payload of up to 136 kg and a hilly route. The loading area in the front is ideal for transporting boxes and objects. If you want to take your children to the kindergarten by bike, then the chic bamboo box is just right for you. All in all, you can comfortably carry up to three children with the Electric Supermarché: two on the bench in the front transport box and one on a Yepp child seat on the luggage rack.

Technical Details
Electric Drive: Bosch Performance Line CX 250 W 36 V + Bosch Powerpack Battery 500 Wh
additional driver weight: up to 130 kg
Passengers: Up to 3
Child Seat: One Yepp Child Seat
Max Load Capacity: 136 kg
Weight: 40 kg
Colour Frame: White
Dimensions: 257 x 76 x 112 cm
Frame: 6061 Aluminium
Lighting: AXAX LED front and rear lighting
Suitable for the body size: 1,49 m - 1,98 m
Tyre Width: 20" Front Wheel, 20" Back Wheel
Mudguards: Yes
Wheel Skirts: Yes
incl. Yepp Adapter: not required
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Yuba Electric Supermarché Bosch Spec Sheet

Here you can find a PDF file with all technical information about our Yuba Electric Supermarché Bosch.

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