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Sporty Beach Boy With the weekly shopping home or with the kids to the kindergarten - the...

Sporty Beach Boy

With the weekly shopping home or with the kids to the kindergarten - the Supercargo brings style and fun into your everyday life. Breaking out of everyday life is even more fun: With sack, pack and tent into nature is pretty much nice and possible. In principle, the Supercargo is just as quick, agile and versatile as its electric brother - but you have to put in a little power to make it feel the same. You save a lot of money for this. And the fitness center as well.

Very agile in city traffic

With the Yuba Supercargo you are really manoeuvrable despite the box and passengers: This is due to the double cable steering, which reacts quickly and precisely to even small steering manoeuvres. Since the Supercargo has such a low center of gravity due to the small tires, you are always well on track. The mountain bike-style seat and handlebars ensure a sporty, agile riding experience.

Carry everything you like

When it comes to transportation, the Yuba Supercargo is pretty flexible. Not only can you choose between Open Loader (light) or Bamboo Box (heavier but more stylish). If you have to transport something bulky, you can also completely dismantle the box and, with a bit of tension belt art, strap everything you want to strap onto it. Incidentally, this also makes sense for businesses that want to transport bulky loads over short distances in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. You are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

Happy children – fit dad

You can fit up to four children in your Yuba Supercargo - three in the front, one in the back. Cruising to daycare and kindergarten every day is fun, no question about it - especially for the children. Because of course dad has to kick for it, but hey - there's nothing wrong with a daily workout! And you don't usually travel with a full load, but often with just one child, the weekly shop or other little things. It's a lot easier there.

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Technical Details
Electric Drive: No
Passengers: up to 4
Child Seat: One Yepp Child Seat
Max Load Capacity: 200 kg
Weight: 26,5 kg
Colour Frame: Black
Dimensions: 260 x 76 x 112 cm
Wheelbase: 2060 mm
Shifting System: Shimano 24-speed derailleur
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
Frame: 6061 Aluminium
Lighting: without lighting
Suitable for the body size: 1,49 m - 1,98 m
Tyres: 20''
Tyre Width: 2,4"
Mudguards: Yes
Rims: Shining DB-32 MTB Double Wall
Wheel Skirts: not required
incl. Yepp Adapter: Recording for the Yepp Easyfit
Sattelstütze: 30,9mm
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Yuba Supermarché Spec Sheet

Hier finden Sie eine PDF Datei mit allen Technischen Informationen zu unserem Yuba Supermarché.

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